Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry implies involvement and leads to possessing skills and attitudes that permit learners to seek resolutions to questions and issues while constructing new knowledge.

" Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand. "

For elementary level classes, giving homework is unnecessary when assignments and tasks are done in class. So students are given full attention at school and will not fall back academically.

Better for kids to read and play at home, instead! They would have time to be creative thinkers at home and follow their passions.

No Homework Policy

What is a "Learning Community"?

The words Learning Community in the name are derived from the modern concept of Professional Learning Community.

The concept of a Learning Community is central to the foundation of our school. A learning community facilitates the participation of all members of the school community in the learning process. All community members including students and teachers are life-long learners who work collaboratively and learn from each other. International Learning Community has adopted this concept ever since it was established.

The idea of a learning community goes beyond raising “academic” achievement and test scores. It gives students more freedom to explore and pursue new ideas in an atmosphere of teamwork, trust and collaboration.

On top of this, we have interest in "How We Learn" rather than "What We Learn":

​-     to foster curiosity, encourage questioning and critical thinking.
-  to develop problem-solving skills, link learning to real-life problems and encourage pupils to work together
-     to increase understanding, apply cross-curricular approach
-     to raise active citizens, promote participation and engagement
-   to strengthen learners' self-confidence and learning motivation, give constructive and honest feedback 

مجتمع التعلّم ھو مفھوم جدید بنت علیه المدرسة أسسھا بعیداً عن التلقین الذي لا یعطي المتعلّم حریّة التّساؤل و الإكتشاف والتّعبیر. مجتمع التعلم یدعو إلى مشاركة جمیع أعضاء المجتمع المدرسي، بمن فیھم الطّلاب والمدرّسون، في عملیّة التعلّم وتطویر المھارات. تتمیز شخصیة طلابنا. بإستقلالية الذات و بحبھم للعلم و للإستطلاع في جو من الثقة والعمل الجماعي والتعاون

In-School Study

: فيما يلي بعض النصائح و الارشادات حول التربية و الأولاد

ILC has designed a well-developed in-school study program where students work on their take home assignments with the supervision of their teachers. This also creates an opportunity for teachers to work with their students one-to-one basis.

Instilling a love for life-long learning ...